Upgrading the WordPress theme up to it’s latest version

Here you’ll find the easiest and right way of upgrading your WordPress Theme up to it’s latest version along with it’s recommended plugins, but before you process with the theme upgrade we strongly recommend you to do a backup of your website:

  1. Log into your Envato account (Settings -> API Keys) and generate an API Key, then copy it into clipboard;
  2. Log into your wp-admin, Install and activate “Envato WordPress Toolkit” plugin;
  3. Navigate to newly activated plugin’s settings page (wp-admin -> Envato Toolkit) and fill in the prompted two fields:
    • Type in your Envato marketplace username;
    • Paste the code you’ve copied in step 1 to the second field named “Secret API Key”;
  4. Save the settings and navigate to the “Themes” tab at the top of page;
  5. Click “Upgrade Automatically” beneath your certain theme and wait until the process finishes the new theme version installation;
  6. Navigate to (wp-admin -> Appearance -> Install Plugins) and upgrade the plugins to their recommended latest versions;
  7. You’re done!

2 thoughts on “Upgrading the WordPress theme up to it’s latest version

  1. jicken

    I made it to step 4. When I click on the Theme Options pull-down at the top of the page, I receive deprecation errors. It states “Sorry, you are not allowed to access this page.”. Is there another way to upgrade the theme automatically?

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