Translating the Quick search widget

The main information regarding translating the CarDealer theme and other themes could be found in this post

As for translating the quick search please note that .pot are located not only in the theme root but also located in all theme plugins and in this post we are referring to the quick search widget that appears on the slider and the pot file for it is located in the wp-content/plugins/tmm_content_composer/languages/ So once you are in the Loco translate scroll downto the plugins, add required language to the Content composer and you will find all required elements there



One thought on “Translating the Quick search widget

  1. frkovski

    Hello. I have tried to tanslate the plugin by the suggested method, however still some of the words can not be translated.
    For example, on the search widget words Country, State, City are not translated. I can not even find the original english words in Loco translator in any of the plugins… The same applies for all of the words when I try to translate the advanced options atributes (in the advanced search menu) – Interior, Tuner, radio…. all of the extra descriptive car atributes.

    Any ideas on how to translate those words? Same applies for the currency converter, and some other items…

    Thank you for your reply.

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