Suggestions and recommendations regarding updating CarDealer WP theme.

Hello guys, recently we have received several request to provide instructions on how to update the theme properly and we have combined several advises and decided to post these here for you to review:

1. If you want to do the safe and proper updates, please use the suggested plugin “Envato  WordPress Toolkit” which you need to set up with your Envato account credentials
2. If you want to make any type of modifications/customization to your website through source files, please use child theme, and do all the editions in there, so the main theme will never be affected during further modifications.

3. Our CarDealer theme will be updating often, so I’d highly recommend you to do the website backups regularly (at least once per week) so you will never loose your website data. In addition, will be also safe if you make a site backup before any theme/plugin update.
4. In case you want to edit the only theme files, and further you’ll want to update the theme, we couldn’t help you with that more than just providing you with a list of changed files (see file-changelog.txt in a main theme bundle) and every time you want to make an update, you’ll have to pay attention on the files that we updated during our past release. Therefore it’s a good idea to make your editions in child theme.

If you would need any further assistance you are always welcome to submit a ticket and our support guys would be glad to assist.

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