Getting the Google Map displayed in the Image mode

In order to get the Google maps appeared properly you need to get the API key and insert in into the Theme Options, for more details please review this post

In the Google map widget or shortcode you can find the mode option for switching the Google map mode between map and image.google_image

The Map mode will be working fine once you entered the activated API key but for image mode you would need to do few more manipulations in the Google Api console.

  1. Go to the developers console by following this link
  2. Click on Library section. google_image_2
  3. In Google Maps APIs listing hit “More”. Find there Google Static Maps and click on it.google_image_3
  4. And on its page click on “Enable” at the top. google_image_4
  5. And after these steps accomplished the Google map in the image mode will appear on the front end.

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