Video Not Full Screen

Video Not Full Screen

Hi there

I’ve been using the template after I bought it this morning.
I have af ew issues though.

Full screen video
The video isn’t full screen. I have black bars on both sides and I can also see that the video is more than the max width of my browser. Also when I scaled down my screen to see the tablet and phone version. It gets really bad. The video gets zoomed out so I get black bars all over the place.. Could you help me fix this so the video is always full screen even in smaller windows?

2. Portfolio with videos
I only want to add videos in my portfolio but the site has to remain a one-pager. I don’t want a redirection to another portfolio page. I just want 20 clickable videos in a portfolio and then when I click on them, open them in a light. The same way the code does with an image? Is that possible?
That would be the perfect solution for my problem.