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    two questions related to the staff page:
    #1 How do I move/reposition staff members on the staff page. I could not find any built in options to move positions up or down

    #2 How do I change the photo frame format on the staff page. Default photo frame is almost square while staff pictures are in a traditional Portrait format. This causes photos to cut off upper and lover section of the photo. How do I go about this.



    The staff are being displayed through the staff page template which was developed in accordance to the original design and could not be altered, same with the images format – it was developed that way with that layout in accordance to the original design and if that does not match your specific needs you would need to customize it.




    Hi Euromade,
    Recent changes in our church staff and the order of listing required that I check out the help forum and your post. I was hoping for a solution as well.
    After some experimenting…
    I have now discovered that staff is listed on the page according to the date of publish entry. Simply edit the dates to create your desired listing order results.
    Regarding the photo format…
    I suggest that you crop and optimize for the web using a photo editing program and then import into your website media.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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