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    I just installed this theme and I wish I could take advantage of the plugins and editing + options (shortcodes) for pages …unfortunately they are all missing in my install.

    Please help

    E) Supported Pluginstop
    Freely comes with no one style any popular plugin which you may wish to use, because it already contains most of them. There is no needs to install such plugins as per list below:

    Pagination plugin
    Breadcrumbs plugin
    SEO plugin
    Any Slider plugin

    F) Shortcodestop
    The Freely Premium WP Theme supports the use of over 20 shortcodes for styling purposes. We’ve completed all of them as visual ones, so no needs to describe each one, because now you can try all of them by only clicking the buttons and filling the necessary fields with no needs to remember any code of them.

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    Hello Ggoaga,

    Most likely this issue is caused by using Freely WP theme with the WordPress 3.9 version and in order to get the theme working properly you would need to downgrade your WP version. We would like to inform you that we have discontinued updating this theme. Therefore please be advised that this theme will not work with the latest WordPress updates and we would like to highlight that its strongly recommended to use the theme with the appropriate WordPress version which is mentioned in theme details. Some of you would be disappointed about it, but you need to understand that this theme is outdated and don’t really match the modern design of nowadays. That’s why we decided to keep up with the times and create more great new looking themes for you which will definitely be working with latest WordPress versions. Maybe its time for you to upgrade your website with one of our new themes? We will keep providing best support for our customers and even for old themes but with appropriate WordPress version. We appreciate your understanding regarding this matter and thank you for choosing our themes!

    Best regards,

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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