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    – Just updated WordPress to 3.8 this morning, and theres a few “objects” that dosent seem to be working on my WordPress install now, while using the theme.

    One of my biggest issues right now, is that I dont seem to be able to actually add new Sliders to the slider on my website. When i go into the slider groups, i can add a new one, but when ever i click save and all that, reloads, it automatically disapears, like i never added it in.

    Is this a random issue that occured on my own wordpress, or is it on your end? If its on your end, when can i expect a fix?



    I had same problem. re-name the slider group from ‘home’ to something more unique 🙂


    Stacey TM

    Hello yuchi1990,

    Please submit a ticket in our support ticket system regarding this matter and we will check this for you.

    Hi Kade,

    In a reply to your ticket requested we asked to provide with FTP access. So please check our ticket thread.

    Guys, Happy Holidays!

    Best regards,



    Hi kadem, i had the same problem. The staff wrote me that is not possible to fix it.

    You wrote that fixed the problem renamed a file? can you explain better? thanks in advance for your help



    Hello Web78it,

    Are you running WP 3.8  or 3.9? If its 3.8 we could help you fixing this issue, please submit a ticket with access details provided.

    Best regards,

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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