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    After this last theme update, the navigation menu displays categories only on full desktop view on the home page, no menu items when the menu is hovered over, and no navigation menu options at all on mobile view on the home page.

    Menus are only displaying up to a certain size when the site reduces down but do not appear at all when you get down to smartphone display size, neither on the home page or on any secondary pages.

    ETA: And something is supressing the footer settings. Note I do have a child theme active.



    I’ve narrowed the menu and footer display issues down to the required plugin ThemeMakers Visual Content Composer that was packaged with this update. It suppresses menus and footer when active and deactivating it causes the featured pages linked on the home page to display code instead of content.

    The revolution slider also stalls out. So many broken things; very frustrating. I’m about ready to roll the theme back to its previous version at this rate.



    Just want to update here to say I’ve rolled back ThemeMakers Visual Content Composer plugin to version 1.0.1 and the site is no longer broken.

    Not sure what the problem is with 1.0.2 but it does not play nicely with my site.



    Hello Salagona,

    These issues don’t appear on our demo website and if you would like us to check in these specifically on your website please submit a ticket with all the details provided so we could troubleshoot on this issue and will help you getting it solved.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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