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    Using the latest version of WP and theme, the Layout constructor does not work meaning that I cannot edit any of the content on the (demo content) pages!

    The shortcode button also does not appear in the editor window as I am unable to access Visual View – I only have text view.

    This is a fresh WP install and I’ve followed all documentation.




    Hi there

    we received your ticket and it was replied already, lets keep in touch via ticket please.




    Since I find ThemeMakers to be either totally unresponsive OR, when they do offer a reply, woefully inadequate in their “support”, is there ANYONE out there who can help give advice on getting the Layout Constructor v1.0.7 and Axioma v1.1.0 to work properly?

    Several months back, my site was great. Everything worked fine. I could edit pages just fine.

    Then, after several months and probably a few updates to WordPress, I went to go edit a page and noticed that the Layout Constructor wasn’t functioning as expected. I’ll spare you the details of my unsuccessful efforts to get help from ThemeMakers, but will tell you that I simply compromised and moved forward without making any changes. But I no longer have the luxury of doing that: I must make some changes.

    Over the past few days I have attempted to get help from ThemeMakers, but once again without success.

    I have the latest versions of both the theme (Axioma) and the plugin (Layout Constructor) and it DOES NOT WORK. Specifically, when I open a row or column module in the layout constructor, it is empty, it is not editable…and, in fact, the content that should be there actually shows up in the main edit window. Unfortunately, that is of no help whatsoever.

    Will happily send screenshots to anyone who has an inclination to help. Thanks in advance!




    I have already replied to you via ticket with request to provide correct access details so we could check on it closer. SO please provide the corrected details via ticket so we could troubleshoot in order to find the culprit of the issue and will do our best to get it fixed. The only thing I would like to highlight that all our customers use latest theme and latest plugins with latest WP version and its all works fine. Looking forward to get reply through ticket with CORRECT access


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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