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    How to add multiple galleries with different photos?



    Hi tanwanniniranjan,

    The current theme version allows to create separate galleries and then display them
    on a page with gallery template.
    Therefore you can create only one gallery using three our Gallery Layout types
    (Photo Gallery, Thumb Gallery, Fullscreen Gallery).

    Best Regards,



    You should warn on the homepage of the template at Themeforest that you can only use one gallery or refund us our money. I have bought various templates at Themeforest and this is the first one with this kind of problem and now I’m seeing that several users have it.


    Stacey TM

    Hello enelbus,

    Please be aware that on this forum we provide with support only our customers who bought WordPress themes, not HTML templates. As we can see from our records and notices you are the buyer of HTML one.
    Regarding your question we would say that Style HTML templates gives you an ability to create any amount of galleries.

    For future please pay your attention that for HTML templates support works in our support ticket system in category Costumer Support (Site Templates).

    Best regards,


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    Hi there,

    The current theme version does not have option for adding multiple galleries, however it could be added additionally but only via editing default source theme files which totally deals with customization. Unfortunately we do not provide our customers with any custom work due to our policy. We only do Support for our products if there are some issues in work, or some elements cause issues, etc.
    In case you need to make some customizations you could try to figure this out on your own, which needs some skills in coding and programming.
    In case if you believe our theme misses enough custom options to fully meet your needs you could involve/ask for help a third part developer to customize the theme the way you personally like.
    Thanks for understandings and sorry for any inconveniences!


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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